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Do you really know what to do in case of a major earth quake??, Do you have all the supplies and equipment you should have to survive a crisis situation??…ANY crisis situation??  Do you know what you SHOULD have in your car?, house?, apartment??   Do you know how to get a hold of your loved ones if the phone system goes down?? How to get to them??

What about national emergency’s? Martial law? do you know how to get away, and when?      Do you have a plan??  

I can help with all these answers, and may more questions you might have.

My 26 years in military Special Operations, Logistics, Psychological Operations and Counterintelligence has given me the training and experience to help you successfully plan for any crisis.  Go-Bags, Bugout plans, security, intel…I can help.





714 866 2906


2 responses to “New Add”

  1. thoughtfullyprepping says :

    Aww. Jeff.

    Spelling “a2zprepping” maybe? ROTFL.

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