Into the New Year…

Had an interesting conversation the other day with someone involved with the Militia, and I hadn’t thought of it this way but he said the preppers and the militia are not the same group of people, they have very different agenda’s. Preppers will be running away from the shit…and militia will be running toward it.  I’ll tell you now…this is MY country and I will never stop defending it, I did it for 26 year’s and I’m not stopping now.

But that doesn’t change anything about my plans on “prepping”. 

Your prep plan HAS to go beyond just “ buggin-out”,  it has to help prepare you for life “after” SHTF, your bug-out might take 2 weeks to get you where you want to go, the question is are you ready for what comes next?  Even if we’re talking about natural disasters,…recovery could take weeks or months, your life…your lifestyle will change. That’s what you need to prep for.

Thats it for tonight folks, get some sleep…you’re going to need it!!   HA



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One response to “Into the New Year…”

  1. thoughtfullyprepping says :

    I like the bit I read in someones blog when it said :-

    A prepper spends their time preparing for the storm that may occur and laying in provisions for the aftermath.
    A survivalist spends their time actively training to withstand the inevitable storm and how to survive afterwards.

    I fall into the survivalist section and yet I won’t run to the guns even though my background was just that. As a survivalist the last thing I want to do is declare my presence to others or put myself in harms way. Why? Because I’ve got family to care for.

    This doesn’t mean though that if you come “aknockin” at my door at the wrong time I won’t be temped to put 2+1 in your general direction.

    Despite the gun-hoe views of some militia they are occasionally incorrectly founded about prepper and survivalists preparations regarding self defense. After all self defense is a STRONG part of most prepper and survivalist planning.

    The term Militia is two sided for me.

    Some perform useful “non official” assistance which could include armed defense of the weak. I totally like those guys (and girls). Full respect.

    Others are (carefully stated) a bit more aggressive including their stance on government matters. I sort of understand that to as someone has to make a stand.

    Funny enough this last group also tend to ignore the fact that some preppers and survivalists are heck of a lot better at shooting and field craft than they are and some have years “in green” behind them.

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