GOOD QUESTION!!……..I’d like to point out something about that moment when SHFHTF,(S***Has Finally Hit The Fan)   If you look out your window…and there’s troops outside, or you see it on TV, or your bug out buddy calls and says it’s time to go….you are already to late!! You need to be gone way before that, days or even weeks before. Part of your prep planning should be/NEEDS to be gathering intel…watching whats going on nationally, but also and more importantly know what’s going on locally;…whats going on at the local NG armories; is there a build up of vehicles? military and government; plain white with Gov plates?.   Troops? Road barricade equipment?. Are there previously local abandon train tracks being retrofitted/cleared? And hospitals being barricaded. This will all happen very quickly…you should/NEED to be gone before this!!   If you wait for the war to come to you…you won’t win, it’s not that kind of battle.

The biggest mistake that I have seen in the whole “Truth movement” is that people don’t understand the kind of war they are in! some don’t even know it’s a war,… for me, if there’s anything that my 26 years in the military has taught me, it’s how to recognize when you are at war and what kind of battle you are facing. There is no War on terror! There is no War on drugs! …There is no battle for “healthcare”!!, or better education for our children!  We are however right smack in the middle of the Largest Psychological operations war the US has ever seen, and it is directed against us!, it is a war against our citizens, families, our way of life, our freedoms and our faith!

Buggin out before you “have to” is MUCH easier, way less stress!! Much easier to just disappear on your own!

Remember..What will you be willing to do??



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