Be Ready!!

Tonight just a short note about a couple of things.  If and when it comes time to ..Bug out, a lot of our ..”high speed-low drag” tools that we all have;…cell phones…with all the apps, and our GPS’s….will not work!!

When SHTF.. these services WILL be turned off, it’s been done before, it will be done again. My point is you will need to be prepared to go “old school” with Communication and Navigation,  two Very important points in your bug out plan!!

MAPS MAPS MAPS…you need them, you need to know how to read them; do you know how to do a Resection?.. or an intersection??,…how many kinds of North are there on a map?…do you know what your locations declination angle is?? Do you know how to read a compass??  WHY??  Because more then likely your GPS device will not work, the system will be turned off from “civilian” use!

COM. Same with cell phones, these systems will be turned off. “CB” radios, 2-way hand held, Ham radios… I believe are a better choice.

One more area:   Money,  do what you think is best for you..but I don’t keep ANY money in the bank!  If and when a state of emergency is declared..(and it will be) if you have money in your bank……you won’t be able to get it out, banks will close the doors and you will be out of luck…and cash.   You’re better off with your money in a mattress.




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